Everyone has a playful side.

We work across all kinds of content, in all kinds of formats, to make experiences people will love. With collaborative design at the heart of our process, we help world-leading organisations bring diverse audiences together for deeper, more playful engagement with arts, culture and science.

Let's make something great together!

Remodeling science engagement

Total Darkness is an online adventure game and one of the first projects under Science Museum Group’s bold new strategy for engaging young people and building their confidence in science skills.

Unlocking the archive

This pioneering and playful app, critically acclaimed around the world, uses date, time, location, weather and ambient sound to match an artwork from Tate’s collection to that particular moment in time. Magic Tate Ball is yours to shake; what artwork will this moment make?

Celebrating the space

Capture The Museum is a live-action, multiplayer game for museum spaces, designed to welcome a new generation of visitors into the building and provide new revenue streams for arts and culture organisations.

Sharing the knowledge

Design In a Nutshell combines a series of beautiful animations with a multi-platform interactive to demystify six key design movements, sparking dinner table discussion, social sharing and over 1.4 million engagements for Open University.

The power of a partnership

More often than not, we work with clients on multiple projects. From public service broadcasts or a game about pain to the poignant story of a stranded mammoth, some of our best work is the fruit of long-standing collaboration.

View some little and large highlights from the last decade.

Strategic consultancy and workshops

There’s nothing like getting the right expertise in a room to discuss, sketch and test with end users. Our workshops are designed to solve big problems in little steps, showing how to hide the technology, combine specialist content with game mechanics and design to encourage specific behaviours.


I’d particularly like to express my admiration and praise for the way the whole project was managed and for the creative vision and execution. It’s been great working with you all and I’ve enjoyed the shared journey enormously.

Clive Hilton, Open University

Their creative solutions to tough problems kept things moving throughout production - not to mention their positivity and sense of humour!

Hannah Flynn, Tate

I've been so impressed, from start to finish. Ours was a particularly challenging brief and Thought Den responded with intelligence and managed the project with sensitivity. An absolute pleasure.

Josh Blair, Science Museum

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